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A Total Brand Overhaul for the WCCM

Bringing a global non-profit into the 21st century.


Increase in total website traffic


Increase in first-time website visitors


Increase in average age views per user


Increase in sales of online events

The Challenge

In 2020, The WCCM invited us to lead a comprehensive overhaul of the branding and marketing footprint of their multi-faceted global nonprofit. The goal was to bring the brand firmly into the digital age, and to amplify the good work they’ve already done. But with 75 national communities, 5 sub-brands, and 3 retreat centers, and 30 years of content, this presented  quite the challenge. 

The new brand would have to be nuanced enough to honor the organization’s legacy, but simple enough that it could be adopted by the 200k members and 75 national communities worldwide. The website needed to be visually appealing, but also organized and accessible to a global community across multiple languages. And lastly, the brand’s content needed to highlight the individual human beings behind the brand, and the vibrant community they had built over the years.

The Process

Over the course of 2 years, we lead the WCCM through a series of engagements resulting in a multi-phase build out of a world class community platform. We started with visioning, then moved on to strategy, and finally branding, all the while incorporating stakeholder feedback from national communities around the globe. After the rebrand was complete, we spend the next 18 months rolling out a series of 5 websites including a content site, a donation site, a community forum, a video streaming platform, and a retreat center and event registration site.


After 2 years of work, we produced over 1000 unique brand assets that represented 1 global brand, 75 national community brands, as well as 6 additional sub-brands for unique programs within the WCCM. 

Within 1 month of publication, our new brand guidelines had already been adopted by each of the major countries, as well as all media channels of the parent brand. 

In addition to the primary website, we also launched a fully integrated donation platform, an event registration system, a community site, and an on-demand video streaming platform.


Well done!

“Working with John’s team has been an absolute delight. We didn’t give them an easy task, but they rose to the challenge and led us through the long and winding road of branding and digital marketing. Their work will have an enormous impact on our community. In fact, it already has.”

Laurence Freeman OSB
Director of The WCCM and Bonnevaux Centre for Peace

WCCM old website on a laptop
WCCM home page on a laptop, Being Design Case Study
WCCM New Home Page
WCCM Events single page on laptop
Event System

Custom Event System

National Communities Search Feature

WCCM National Communities Template on 3 tablets

National Communities Website Template

Donation Portal

WCCM Supporting Member donation page, Being Design Case Study

Making Connections, Nurturing Community

With the help of MightyNetworks, we launched a free, interative community portal whose membership grew to 3,000+ users in just 3 months.

WCCM Member profile mobile view

Member Profile

WCCM Member archive mobile view

Members Directory

Discover Content

WCCM events archive, mobile view

Event Registration

WCCM Offerings archive mobile view


Learning Managment System

E-Learning Platform

Self Paced Learning, on Any Device

As part of the community portal, we designed a space for self-paced learning, accessible on any device

WCCM Offerings archive mobile view

Course List View

WCCM course sales page on mobile

Sales Pages

WCCM course , mobile view


WCCM Course Lesson mobile view


WCCM course lesson, mobile view

Course Content

Briji Waterfield, WCCM

Many Thanks

“Working on the new WCCM website has been an exciting process. It will be of immense benefit to both new and existing meditators. The simplicity of design has unified the enormous work of WCCM making it more accessible and contemporary. It beautifully reflects our growing international Community and will appeal to many who are searching for a spiritual dimension.”

Briji Waterfield, WCCM
Director of Meditatio

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