We help you get unstuck.

At Being Design, we focus on outcomes. Not only do we help you achieve your goals, we also help you determine which goals to pursue, and why they matter. Through our intensely collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, we’ll help you increase your value and grow your impact.

Brand Therapy

Values & Messaging | Visual Identity | Personal Branding

In order to build a truly meaningful and successful brand, the human beings behind it must feel aligned, motivated, and free to pursue their vision without compromise. In our signature Brand Therapy engagement, we help you find out who you truly are, what your brand wants to be, and how to authentically communicate your unique message to all stakeholders… so you can finally build the business you’ve always dreamed of.


Organizational Consulting | Values-Driven Leadership | Creative Coaching

We take a deep dive into your past, present and future to help uncover the real you, and the true potential hiding beneath the veil of uncertainty. We help you rediscover what you’re best at, who you want to be, and what truly matters most to you and your customers. We promise, you’ll never feel the same again. Take a seat, and let the discovery begin.


Brand Clarity & Positioning | Messaging & Communication | Authentic Copywriting

Sometimes you need more than a service, you need empowerment. From human-centered design, to the basics of digital strategy, to understanding the web as an ecosystem, we’ve got a workshop made for you.


Fixed Scope Projects | Hourly Copywriting | Marketing Audits

As seasoned copywriters, we know how hard it is to put your ideas onto paper, to spend hours running circles inside your own head. We’re here to make your life easier. We’ll help you clarify your message, and your authentic voice. And then we’ll help you get out of your own damn way, so your brilliant ideas can finally see the light of day. You bring the good ideas, and we’ll take it from there.

Digital Marketing

Web Design | Content Creation | Social Media

With our deep knowledge of the web, and our diverse team of creative specialists, we have what it takes to bring your project to life across a variety of digital channels. While a new website is not always necessary, we’re more than capable of building custom solutions to bring your brand to life.

How We Work



We help you rediscover what you're best at, who you want to be, and what truly matters most to you and your customers.



We help you get out of your own head so you can think freely and find new ways of achieving your most important goals.



We transform your best ideas into actionable, prioritized, and time-based strategies. Then we help you execute.