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PWSC Home Warranty

Helping an innovative company stand out in a commoditized industry.

The Challenge

After 25 years in business, PWSC had built a reputation as an industry innovator, but their brand presence was sadly out of date and failed to reflect the reality of who they had become. Our challenge was to completely overhaul the brand and craft a digital presence worthy of a customer-focused leader in a highly commodtized industry.

The Process

Over the course of 6 months, we led PWSC through a 3 part engagement, beginning with a blank-slate user journey design effort, followed by a comprehensive visual identity system, and finally a world class website.


After unveiling their new brand, PWSC was flooded with compliments from customers and industry partners alike. Several industry publications covered the rebranding, and provided company leadership an opportunity to talk about their evolution and future trajectory. On the digital side, the new website garnered a 54% increase in traffic, a 42% increase in new visitors, and 25% increase in average session duration. Most importantly, company leadership finally had a brand they felt proud of. 

PWSC Homepage Comparison, Old to New
User Journey

Harmonizing Divergent Customer Journeys

One of the largest challenges for PWSC was sorting out their evolving user journey. While the company had started with a relatively simple product line for homebuilders (B2B), their new product lineup had expanded to include 4 core products, plus 2 additional customer segments, including a B2C segment for homeowners. Our challenge was to craft a variety of succinct user journeys, from search to sale, that would accommodate all customer segments without causing confusion of conflict.

User Journey Design
Funnel Chart PWSC
Claims Flow - PWSC
Login Flow PWSC
User Flows
Tyler Gordy, CEO of PWSC

"Many thanks!"

“Being Design did a great job facilitating the User Journey Design process.  There is a lot of complexity to what we do, and our challenge has been trying to simplify everything into a coherent brand/message.  I thought they did really well in guiding the discussion.  Keep up the good work!”

Tyler Gordy
President + CEO, PWSC


A Comprehensive Visual Identity System

With out newfound clarity around the customers’ journeys, we set out to forge a new visual identity for PWSC. The first step was tightening up the name.  We decided to abandon the full name, which was misleading, and made up entirely of common nouns. Instead we fully adopted the acronym itself as the company’s name. In this way “PWSC” becomes the proper noun, and phrases like “Home Experts” or “Home Warranty” become modifiers or descriptors. Armed with a better name, we developed a new logo, visual styles, image guidelines, and custom illustrations and iconography.

PWSC Old Logo
PWSC New Logo Horizontal
PWSC New Vertical Logo
PWSC embossed logo
PWSC New Horizontal Logo

Color Palette

PWSC Color Palette


PWSC Fonts

Custom Icons + Illustrations

PWSC Icons

Custom Icons + Illustrations

PWSC Illustrations

The New Brand Out in the Wild


Simple, Beautiful, Easy to Navigate

Our mantra during the design process was “radical simplicity”. Home warranties are complicated. Risk management is complex topic. Rather than overwhelm the customer with “the facts” we decided to limit the website content to only the bare essentials necessary to help customers differentiate between one product and another. A customer should only have to make one dicision at a time, and they should never be overhwlemed with information.

PWSC Mobile Responsive Website
PWSC Old Website Laptop Mockup
From Wireframes to Live Site
PWSC Wireframes
PWSC New Website comp
Putting the customer First
PWSC Home Warranties Page
Lindsay Tingler, Director of Business Development, PWSC

"You guys really get us"

“Thank you for being an incredible partner through this project! It was such a relief to find you guys. Looking over proposals from other vendors, I feared we would never find the right partner. But from the minute I read your proposal I could tell that you guys really get us. You are, by far, the best team I have ever worked with on this sort of thing. And we’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback after launching our new brand! Thanks!”

Lindsay Tingler
Director of Business Development, PWSC