Laurie Elder

Head of Digital Services

As the Head of Digital Services at Being Design, Laurie is the director of web design and client relations. With 12 years of web design experience under her belt and a BA in graphic design from the University of the Arts, Laurie has an acute eye for the aesthetic. She works directly with clients to carefully craft an elevated expression of their brand with the hope of connecting them to the audience that would most strongly benefit from their services or product. She also oversees others on the team to facilitate this process. 

Laurie is compassionate, enthusiastic, open and insightful when interacting with clients, being willing to listen with full attention and care so she can best emulate their vision in her designs. Laurie particularly enjoys this aspect of her work, finding the interpersonal dynamic of collaboration to be extremely fulfilling and nurturing. She is confident in seeing to client needs, answering questions and giving updates on the web development and branding processes. 

In her work at Being Design, Laurie aims to bring out each client’s inner light and help them to make meaningful connections so they may improve other’s lives. As a Reiki master and a mother of 2 children and 3 cats, Laurie is passionate about always working to leave the world a little brighter than she found it. 

Outside of work, you can find Laurie hiking in the Wissahickon forest, thrifting and hunting for yard sales, learning about herbs and medicinal plants and spending time with her favorite people.

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