All we have is… All we are is…

One Earth

All we have is… All we are is…

One Earth

One Earth Photo Filter:

Yesterday I changed my profile picture to reflect how I was feeling. My friends liked it and so did their friends and within a few hours I had dozens of requests for this photo effect. It has been such an honor and a joy to work with portraits of all these beautiful people from all around the world. I’ve received so many heart-felt messages of hope and peace from all these souls I’ve never met. I am humbled by the experience and I felt compelled to make this page to 1) Meet the growing demand for these photos and 2) To explain the intention behind these images.

This is not in opposition to the Facebook France filter. And I, in no way, want to belittle the beautiful response to the tragedy that happened in Paris. I love Paris, it is near to my heart. I think it’s great that Facebook allows us to show our support for those affected by this great tragedy.

However, I do wonder: 1) Where is the option to show my support for other nations affected by similar tragedies? Why haven’t we seen a response like this to any other terrorist attack this year? and 2) What actionable steps can we as global citizens take to heal the violence on our planet?

This weekend I’ve been profoundly impacted by the realization that these kinds of attacks happen all the time on our planet. Usually in less familiar parts of the world than Paris. Those attacks get very little coverage, attention, and response. Are the people of Paris more human than the people of Kenya, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria? These people might have different cultures, religions, and skin colors than we have but these differences should not dictate our level of care and concern for their lives, and it is no less of a loss when they are slain.

The Earth represents this ONE planet that we are ALL on, that we are ALL an integral part of. This beautiful planet that is Us.
The flags represent the nations that have experienced mass death this year (50 casualties or more), whether it was labeled as terror or war. Source 1 Source 2

Beneath our beautiful differences we each are made of the same stuff. We feel the same kinds of pain, share the same fears, want the same things, and it’s the same love we feel for our families, our land, and our God, no matter the names we give them. Beliefs and ideologies will differ around the world, but they differ just the same in your home town.

It’s 2015 and it’s time to realize how small this planet is. It’s time to realize how not okay it is to allow for violence, of any kind. It’s time to realize how all our actions and beliefs are intricately connected to what happens in these “other” parts of the world. It’s time to remember how powerful we are, how far the ripples of our actions are felt. We each get to choose what kind of world we want to live in.

I choose to not subscribe to the idea of “Enemy”. I choose not to believe the story that violence will end violence. I choose to act from a place of Peace, and to, with my actions, support those who support Peace, in all it’s forms.

I believe that these wounds cannot be healed from the same level of awareness in which they were created. These acts of violence originate from a worldview of “us vs them,” an ethnocentric narrative. To respond on that same plane will only beget more violence and suffering for all. Instead, we can adopt a larger worldview. One where we embrace the world as our home and it’s peoples as our brothers and sisters. For many of us this is a stretch. But when we make that stretch, incredible things happen. One incredible thing that happens is we gain the ability to see through one another’s eyes and work TOGETHER to create comprehensive solutions to the challenges we face as a globe. The time of individual ingenuity is over. We need to come together, think together, and feel together. When we do, amazing things happen. Just watch.

Flags profile2

In Love and Gratitude,

James Redenbaugh
Designer Consultant Artist

Organizations to Know About:

(and support!)

  • One World in Dialogue
    One World in Dialogue is a global conversation space for people keen on transforming cultural conflict into creative friction through the integrating power of dialogue.
  • Integral Without Borders
    Integral Without Borders is an educational NGO that engages professionals in the field of humanitarian aid, sustainability, and international development. We envision greater integration and depth in development praxis around the word.
  • The Emergence Network
    ‘the emergence network’ is a growing alliance of activists, initiatives, communities, movements and people who recognize that today’s crises (climate change, poverty, economic inequality, etc) are not discrete problems with pre-existing features, and as such do not have ‘final’ resolutions. We recognize that the crises (ecological, financial, political and spiritual) we face today are intra-connected, that we cannot respond to one without drawing upon the other, and that the way we respond to these crises is part of the crisis.
  • Synergy Forum
    Synergy Forum is an international initiative dedicated to empowering the wave of awakening and collective action around the world in support of humanity’s collective evolution. We recognise that humanity is facing a critical evolutionary transition in our present time. Synergy Forum seeks to contribute to its healthy navigation by delivering events that integrate the freedom of spiritual awakening with the passion of global and local action.
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences
    IONS Worldview Explorations is research-based experiential program for middle school, high-school, and college students. The 22 lessons in the Worldview Explorations program were developed in alignment with Common Core, 21st Century Skills, and Social Emotional Learning. The lessons include self-reflective practices and project-based group activities that can be integrated into existing classroom subject areas.
  • childrens-future-logo copy
Join me and other global change agents in a participatory six-month online course starting November 28th!

One World in Dialogue is designed for persons who realize that being part of global change calls for a change in our consciousness and that global change won’t happen unless we can come together in new ways, across the usual boundaries that divide us. By placing the local genius and wisdom of each culture in a global context, the course will empower participants to be change agents in schools, clinical settings, organizations, communities, NGOs, and among any engaged, passionate, and diverse group of human beings.

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”R. Buckminster Fuller

Learn more about Buckminster Fuller

The One Earth Photo Filter Widget

Developed by Dr. Kirill Kireyev ~ Startup Shaman

We’ve developed this plugin to make the profile picture creation process as easy as possible. All you have to do is choose a file from your desktop and apply filter. Once you’ve done that just right click the image and save it to your desktop, or just click and drag it onto your desktop.

And then you’re done. If it doesn’t look how you want it to, why not edit in Pixlr (try adding contrast) or follow the instructions below on how to create your own manually. When your done feel free to share your image with me and I’ll put it up on this website.

Share the message as far as you can, not just on your facebook page but in your daily interactions. Let us live this vision not just talk about it.

“There are no nations! There is only humanity. And if we don’t come to understand that right soon, there will be no nations, because there will be no humanity.” Isaac Asimov

The One Earth Photo

UPDATE: We’ve finished the widget and it is ready for use, find it HERE

Do it Yourself Layers:

The Blended Image: just place over your face.

The two layers: Play with opacity yourself and have fun!

TIP: use Pixlr, a free online photo editing app. And it’s fun!
• Download your chosen profile picture onto your computer
• Download these layers onto your computer
• Create a new document in Pixlr that is 1000px by 1000px
• Select ‘Layer’>’Open Image as Layer’ and choose your profile picture.
• Use ‘Edit’>’Free Transform’ to scale and position your photo (hold ‘Shift’ to maintain proportions)
• Select ‘Layer’>’Open Image as Layer’ to insert both filter layers. They are both 1000px by 1000px so they should fit perfectly.
• In the layers panel on the right click the button on the bottom left to ‘Toggle layer settings’
• Change the ‘opacity’ of the two filter layers until the desired effect is achieved.
• Save your image and upload it to Facebook. In the description you can write about why you changed your photos. Link to this page and share with your friends 🙂

Or… Have me do it for you

It’s a joy and a privilege to work with your images. This work is sacred to me.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests so I don’t know how long it will take me to process them all, but I will do my best to get it back to you as quickly as possible.

Just send me a note here with a link to your profile. If you have one in particular that you’d like me to use, send a link in the message, otherwise I will choose one for you based on what will look best with the filter.

Also, feel free to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Instagram

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